Tool Grip 6 Panel Multi-color Pack

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Tool Grip 6 Panel Multi-color Pack

6 panel pack for all environments day or night.

You're out in the field with your rifle and it is time to mount your scope. What do you do? Are you fishing around in your gear bag for the right screwdriver or socket driver? There's no need to do that any more thanks to the America Grip tool. The America Grip puts the right tool exactly where it's easiest to find, on your weapon. The Grip looks like an ordinary rail cover but it is really so much more. The America Grip stores the bits you need on your rail, then easily snaps off to convert into a flat handle screwdriver.

America Grip in use 2- panelsDesigned by a veteran who recognized the need to have essential tools at hand in the field, America Grip’s innovative, dependable and highly adaptable tool grip system reduces pack weight, simplifies real-time repairs and, offers unmatched convenience, both at home and in the field. Recreational shooters, hunters, survivalists, air soft enthusiasts, veterans and active service men and women, alike, trust America Grip when preparing for and carrying out unique missions all across the globe.

The America Grip offers indispensable convenience for any type of field repair. Other uses for this lightweight, pocket-sized tool include bike repair, fishing tackle, or household repairs. Keep one in your camping kit or backpack.

This listing features the America Grip kit with 6 panels in Black Coyote Brown, and Olive Drab.

Field repairs are inevitable

The screws and nuts on your weapon will come loose as a result of recoil, vibration, and heavy use. Continued use can cause your rear sight to come loose, or your pistol grip screw will back out, or your sling attachment will fall off. These are much easier to repair when you have the right tool. When the right tool is conveniently with you, repairs are quickly made.

The America Grip offers:America Grip tool can fix your fishing gear too!

  • Unparalleled convenience - your favorite bits are stored inside the tool grip which mounts to your Picatinny rail, fits inside your pocket or can be stashed in your rifle bag. Easily perform field repairs, mount or dismount your scopes or perform any other function that requires a screwdriver or socket driver.
  • Customize your tool set - The America Grip comes with eight of the most commonly used bits but you can use any 2" hex bit allowing you to store exactly the tools you need.
  • Protection from over-tightening or stripping your screws - the America Grip is designed with a torque-sensitive center hole that prevents stripping and over-tightening. The Tool Grip is designed to come apart when you attempt to use too much torque.
  • Torque when you need it - insert the desired bit into one of the side holes and experience as much torque as your hand can deliver.
  • Ease of use - flat handle feels great in your hand and fits into tight spaces. Diamond patterned grip texture provides a sure, long-lasting hold. Snap two tools (4 panels) together to make a longer handle.
  • Durability - made in the USA of rugged ABS plastic takes any abuse you give it. That's why we offer a lifetime guarantee!

Each Tool Grip kit includes:

  • Six (6) grip panels that snap together to form one handle unit. Grip panels can be combined with additional panels for a longer handle.
  • Eight (8) carefully selected 2” hex bit tools: 

    America Grip 4 Panel kit comes with 8 bits

    • P1 Phillips
    • P2 Phillips
    • 8-10 Slot (Flat Head)
    • #1 Robertson (Square Head Punch)
    • T10 Star
    • T15 Star
    • T20 Star
    • T25 Star


  • Weight: 3.6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 2.0" L x 1.5" W for each tool grip which is  comprised of 2 panels


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