EDC Pocket Trauma Kit

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EDC Pocket Trauma Kit

If you're seeking a small, but extremely valuable medical kit for your backpack or field bag, then take a good look at this one. The EDC Pocket Trauma Kit has been custom designed to have exactly what you need to prevent bleeding out. It comes stuffed with basic first aid items but is designed so you can easily tailor it to meet your specific needs. It packs a lot of benefit at a great price.

The EDC Pocket Trauma Kit features:

  • Small handy size - so it goes almost anywhere you do. This handy kit is only 3.5" x 5.5" making it pocket-sized. Loop attachments make it easy to clip to your gear with a small carabiner.
  • Durable zippered pouch - WHTactical is built to withstand use and abuse.
  • Flexible design - exterior and interior pockets and elactic straps let you add extra items such as your ID, snack bar or ID.
  • Latex free design.

This first aid kit includes:

  • SWAT-Tourniquet - can double as a bandage
  • Celox Rapid Ribbon has a coagulant to help stop bleeding quickly
  • CPR Face Shield - keeps germ sharing to a minimum during CPR
  • Black XL Nitrile Gloves - latex free fits any hands
  • Bandages - 2 latex free bandaids plus a larger patch
  • Wound Closure Strips
  • Iodine Wipe
  • Alcohol Wipe
  • Bacitracin Ointment - helps to protect wounds from infection
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